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The program is supporting Ukrainians, who have suffered devastating losses as a result of russian military aggression against Ukraine.
To participate in the program:
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We have been creating and developing a worldwide network of offline/online centers supporting Ukrainians, who have suffered due to the russia-Ukraine war. Especially, for those who were forced to leave their permanent residence.

We provide:
  • intensive IT courses for refugees and displaced people
  • personal support to guaranteed employment
  • guaranteed return and adaptation to your city, village after our victory!
If you`ve suffered from russia-Ukraine war, sign up to participate in the program:
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A mandatory requirement for participating in the program is returning to your city, village in Ukraine after our victory against russian invaders! We have been doing whatever it takes to create an opportunity for every single Ukrainian to return to their Homeland.

In perspective we anticipate attracting resources to Ukraine rather then withdrawing them. The Ukrainian economy will restart. New job vacancies will be created for Ukrainians (especially for those who've suffered the most from russia-Ukraine war). It will give a boost to the development of national defense and intensive growth of our country. It will improve a personal well-being and quality of life of every Ukrainian and their family.

Become our partner:

Are you an individual, a company, or a supporting organization, a social activist or a politician, a civil servant or an IT specialist, a representative of an IT company, association or educational institution, who wants to help?

Do you have any expertise in this area or have a strong desire to help?

We encourage everyone who cares about the fate of Ukraine and Ukrainians wherever you are to join as partners in the implementation of the program in Ukraine and abroad.

We are looking for ways to attract financial and material resources, expertise of countries, funds, enterprises and individuals from abroad to Ukraine. We expect either direct or indirect support of the program, and thus Ukrainian army and Ukrainian people.

We need a reliable partner
Are you an experienced IT- specialist and would like to join us as a teacher or mentor? You are welcome!
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Our partners:
If you want to financially support the program and help Ukraine, follow the link:
You can become a great:
QA software tester
Project manager
If you feel like you have a software development talent for outstanding, engaging full-length projects and want to make money doing brainwork? If so, it's the right choice for you!
Software testing
The job as a software tester reminds the detective, who follows a programmer and checks his mistakes (Mistakes are called “bugs” in professional language).
If you are a creative personality who has an ability of critical thinking and want not just to draw beautiful pictures but also make them a part of dynamic and fabulous website? If so, then choose to be a web designer.
Project management
The speciality of PM attracts with the opportunity to manage projects, take decisions, organize fast and quality teamwork.

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